fiery red watermelon

licks at the stars

where the bubbly water drips

and spins out its web.

never a stronger smell

of burnt marshmallows or itchy jumpers 

did the cacophonous symphony join. 

coiled rope unfurls

beneath the citrusy breeze and

spreads over the dry grass

like icing sugar on an old map. 

the map will take You there, 

where the coffee beans crunch

and hot syrup flows from tangled hair.

the metal shavings glint in egg yolk sun

ivory figures embark on a walk

with popcorn pelting down.

delighted feet skip up, hop up

sticky sunscreen on scratchy sand

beaded water on silver lashes

whilst a twangy tune steals

the crunch from the leaves.

lying on elephant rugs, slurping

from swirly straws, and the 

lazy yaps sap the boiled mirage

of its hazelnuts and strength. 

gypsies dance the cotton balls away, 

floating on a celestial lake

above the misty valley. 

days drag on like wrinkled alfoil;

surface multiplied irrevocably.

We can go there, You and i. 

We can.

i promise.