Your Local Writing Group

Write Here that takes place at 11am on the first Saturday each month in cities and towns around Australia. Come and join us or get in touch if you'd like one in your area. It's basically positive writing group peer-pressure. 

This month:

Brisbane @ House Conspiracy

Canberra @ Smith's Alternative Bookstore

Darwin @ Creative Accomplice

Frankston @ TBA

Hobart @ 356 Macquarie Foodstore

Launceston @ Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery

Melbourne @ Belgian Beer Cafe

Newcastle @ Tiny Boat at Softy's

Perth @ Centre for Stories

Sydney @ 107 Projects, Redfern

Torquay @ RACV Resort


Write Here Starter Pack

Finding time to write can be tricky. There's work, life, cat videos on YouTube. It is tough out there.

So we decided to create Write Here.

Think of it as your own writing group, surrounded by other people. It’s essentially a commitment to get two hours of writing done, surrounded by other people eagerly working too. Some people call it co-working, others call it positive peer pressure. We call it drinking good coffee and chatting a bit too much before busily squirreling away on our own writing. 

We look forward to it every month. 

And if you can't get to one of our locally-run events, you can check in on Twitter via #writehere and let us know how you're going with your word count.

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