A Guide to Writing for and Submitting to Writers Bloc. 

Writers Bloc is always looking for fresh writing and new voices to contribute to our ongoing columns (see below). We’d also love to hear your ideas for stand-alone articles about writing, publishing, and the writer’s life. Writers Bloc blog aims to connect writers to their community, inspire, skill-share and educate. Fiction and poetry used in our Bloc Features series are sourced primarily from the workshopping area. The best way to have your work featured on Writers Bloc is to join the community and get involved in our peer workshops.

At Writers Bloc, we value your time and creativity, and pay our contributors.  We pay a flat rate of $50 For most feature articles between 800-1200,

Pitches should be directed to Content Director Liam Pieper, on editor@thewritersbloc.net. Please include the column type you are interested in writing, and a short pitch of no more than two paragraphs. All pitches will be considered.

Unsolicited submissions in full are A-OK – but please keep in mind we can't guarantee publication. We don't want to waste your time if your piece is not quite right for Writers Bloc. 

Our Columns:

Writers’ Other Jobs

What's the weirdest thing you've done to pay the resnt? Have you had a crazy, sad, funny, terrifying job? We’d love to hear about it! This is where writers tell us about their non-writing jobs, and how that job has impacted their writing, or what they've learned from the experience that has helped their writing practice.

Literary Cities

Writers tell us about cities they’ve travelled to and why they’re great (...or not). The Literary Cities posts are sometimes a bit of a travel guide, but mostly about the writer’s individual experience there and how it influenced their writing.

The Book That... 

We ask writers to finish that statement and tell us about a book that’s done something for them: moved them, annoyed them, taught them something, attached itself to some experience or feeling.

Building Blocs

This series offers practical advice for writers in two streams: craft and business. Craft posts offer insights to writing process and techniques, culminating in a short exercise which our readers can use to apply the lessons of the post. Business posts offer advice on elements of the business-side of writing life. We’re interested in hearing about the essential stuff like tax, marketing, software, copyright, and making a sustainable career.

1000-1200 words, 


- Stand Alone Features  

As well as fresh and original takes for our existing rotating columns, we're on the look-out for exciting new voices and viewpoints. If you've got an idea for a story that doesn't fit any of the above, we want to hear from you.

We'll consider any non-fiction story – as long it's connected to creativity and writing, however tangentially. Exactly how tangentially depends entirely on your creativity.  


- Reviews

Reviews of new releases trade and small-press publications are welcome. We pay $15 for an 800 word review – please contact us on editor@thewritersbloc.net.


All  rights remain with the author.

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