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This is part III of Writers Bloc Makes Podcasts with All the Best.


Hey (video killed the) radio (super)star! Welcome back to making audio tales 101. This week we thought we’d take you through a template of a recorded story to see how we went. Lemme tell you, it wasn’t all sunshine and lollipops. There were a few adjustments that needed to be made, and we’ll go through these so that in the next two weeks, we can broaden things out to some advice on how to further your podcasting career with interviews, branding and all manner of fancy extras.



As we talked about in week 1, this one is pretty straightforward (though is the brand TEAC said 'tea-ak' or 'teak'??) . Download it, open it, and you'll see a black recording device that can measure sound input for you. You want to hit record once - if you have headphones in, you'll be kind of able to get an indication of the sound that's being received, but really watching the level bars go up and down is your best bet at working that out.


One thing I noticed from recording this week is that this app works best when you're hidden from the world, i.e., under a doona to block surrounding sounds. If you have time to go craft crazy and make a soundproof booth from eggcartons or foam, go for your life on that.

Tap the red record button another time to start recording, and you'll see a timer pop up for the recording's duration. When you're done, you can:

> Listen back through to what you've got

> Upload it straight to Soundcloud on the slim chance you think that's perfect

> Plug your phone or tablet into iTunes and get your .wav file from the app so you can edit it.



I wanted a piece of no more than 3 minutes, and I used this piece of text.

It went badly. Or, at least, not spectacularly.

As I read the text aloud three times, I was hitting about 4:30 - 6:00 minutes. This is, among other things, because of the super long intro that actually doesn't sound right when I record it. Now it's a matter of taking to the piece with a metaphorical paring knife and making it much more precise. In the next weeks, I'll pop the actual recording up so that we can compare the initial and the new edits. But basically, it's workshopping time for me this weekend, guys.

Maybe you'll have to go back to the drawing board too, even if you like your initial piece. At this point you can play around with editing in Garageband or any other program you've chosen, and cut bits out, listen back, and see how it sounds. Next week I'll start cutting the piece together.



Aaaand a little note on music – I’ve started scrolling through some things with Creative Commons licensing so we end up with something bop-y to put under the piece. Free Music Archive is where I started. You can preview tracks and download any that you think might fit. There are a bunch of different CC licenses, so look out for whether you need to provide attribution to the artist, and whether the song can be used for commercial, non-commercial or any uses.  



We hope you're going well on your audio travels. REMEMBER: we want you to make your own recordings and send them to us! All the Best are on the lookout for snippets to air on their show from FBi radio. Let us know what you're working on by tweeting @writers_bloc and contact with your stories and questions. You have two weeks to polish things up, so Get. On. It!




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