"I'm almost like a method writer. I find when my characters are angry, I become quite angry and hard to be around. When I'm more buoyant, I can laugh aloud at my own jokes that I put in my narrative," says Christie Thompson.

She's the author of Snake Bite, a plucky coming-of-age story set in suburban Canberra (although, as Christie tells us on the Blocast, it's a story that could apply to any 'burb in Australia).
Christie shared some of her insights into the mental space she occupies when she writes, as well as her physical workspace.
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Christie Thompson is an Phd candidate at ANU, tattoo apprentice, and self-confessed 'try-hard artist'. Snake Bite is published by Allen and Unwin, & is available in bookstores/ as an eBook.

You can find Christie on Facebook and on Twitter: @christietauthor

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