"When I'm sorting out a problem I actually like to just walk across the city," says David M Henly, science fiction writer and co-founder of Seizure.
"I do think I draw on the fact that even though we're together, we're crammed together and nothing really works the way it should and that's something I get to draw on, tapping away on my phone, not trying to bump into people."
On today's Writers Blocast, Farz sits down with David by a dock at the Sydney Writer's Festival to talk about writing, space and futurism.
He also gives Writers Bloc a sneak peek into Stories of Sydney project, a collaboration between Seizure and Sweatshop, which brings together reflections on the city from fifteen Sydney writers.


David M Henley has worked in Australian trade publishing for many years and grown a successful design and publishing studio. He is the author of the Pierre Jnr trilogy and has written and illustrated two esoteric novellas (The Museum of Unnatural History and Bumbly Goes Forth) and one love poem (The Story So Far). He has featured in multiple exhibitions and is the art director and co-founder of Seizure, a magazine for new writing. David is based in Sydney, but can be found on the Weave. 


For more details on Seizure and the Viva La Novella project, head to www.seizureonline.com 

You can find David on Twitter, too: @DavidMHenley

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