Performance poetry; cycling; Lana Del Ray. Today's Writers Blocast has it all.

Ellie Malbon is a writer who isn't afraid of stepping in front of the mic — even when she's just finished a poem a few minutes beforehand.

She shared with Writers Bloc some of the many different places she likes to write, and why music is important to her writing process.

"If we think about writing spaces, something that really gets me going is listening to music and lyrics," she said.


Ellie Malbon writes poetry and performance pieces, and conducts research into ecological sustainability. She is based in Canberra where she works as a tutor and research assistant at the Australian National University.

It's you, it's you, it's all for you

To find out more about Ellie's project, Ecuapocalypts Now, have a look at her website.

To hear some of her poetry, check out the Bad!Slam!No!Biscuit! podcast here. (Recognise Bad!Slam!? You might remember them from an earlier post on the WB blog.)

And this is the Dark Mountain project she mentioned in the Blocast.

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