Have you ever moved halfway across the world to start a different life in completely unknown territory? 
Writer and blogger Summer Land has, and she's lived to share her tale with Writers Bloc today. A few years ago, Summer packed up her U.S. life for the country town of Mudgee in NSW.
What does a change of location do to your writing habits? And what's it like writing from a relatively isolated environment?
Put your headphones, sit back, and listen to the Blocast to find out.
Summer Land is an American blogger and author of Summerlandish: Do As I Say, Not As I Did. She is a contributor for FlamingoPink.com.au, Quarter Life Conversations and Ladybits on Medium. She currently lives with her husband, Paul, daughter, Daisy, and dog, Cooper, in Mudgee, NSW where she is hard at work on her next book (and her wine consumption.)
Where can I find more about Summer? (Not the season, doofus. The writer.)
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