"When I started doing Story Club years ago, I used to write my stories in a convenience store," confesses Zoe Norton Lodge.

If you haven't yet heard of Story Club, it's a themed story-telling night hosted by Zoe and her partner-in-crime, Ben Jenkins — soon to be adapted for ABC TV.

"I love Story Club because it's like if stand-up comedy had a narrative. There's something nostalgic and adorable about people reading a story from a big armchair, which is what Story Club is, and the fact that it's true makes it even better."

But why was Zoe writing in 7-Elevens? You'll just have to listen to the Writers Blocast to find out.


Zoe Norton Lodge is a writer/presenter on The Checkout (ABC1). She is writing her first book with Giramondo Publishing. Zoe is the co-creator of Story Club, a monthly storytelling night which is also currently being developed for ABC2. From 2011-12 she was Coordinator of the National Young Writers’ Festival. 

If you wanna read more about Story Club, head here.

You can follow Zoe on Twitter, too: @zoenl.

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