This is an introduction to our Fiction Clinic – an editing and appraisal service for writers of fiction. 

The short story is an art which, like poker, takes a day to learn the rules but a lifetime to master. It’s just as easy for a writer working on their hundredth story to get stuck as one testing the waters with their first.

We believe that the best way for writers of all levels to hone their skills is through peer guidance. That is why we are offering a new short story clinic, designed to give your fiction the boost it needs to move from concept to a truly excellent finished work.  

For a flat fee of $100, short stories of up to 3000 words will be professionally appraised and edited by our editorial team – which includes award-winning authors, narrative tutors for state writers’ centres and major international festivals and professional editors. 

You'll recieve professional, tailored, objective feedback on your writing, including:

• A detailed readers’ report that examines the key narrative components of the short story;

• Advice on character, theme development and plot;

• Identifying areas for further improvement;

• Advice on potential publications to sell the story to, and tips on getting published

To book your place in the Writers Bloc Fiction Clinic, click here and head to the bottom of the page.

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