'Pub Trivia' is where we get to know our favourite Australian publications a bit better.

This week we speak to Scum about feminism, core values, and making people's faces hurt. 

So, what is Scum?

Scum is an online literary journal that publishes work that pushes boundaries and champions new intersectional feminist voices. Not everything we publish is explicitly feminist, but we won’t publish anything that doesn’t uphold our core values. You could call us alt-lit, but we’d rather you didn’t.

When did you start?

February 2013.

Who is Scum for?

Scum is for emerging writers, and readers who want to read stuff they can’t find elsewhere. It’s for friends and fans.

If the publication were to recommend a book to its readers, what would that be?

Michelle Tea’s Black Wave. Because it’s one of my (Sian, the Ed in Chief’s) own favourite books, and I think it represents the kind of work we’re excited about at Scum, and everyone’s already read I Love Dick and Warsan Shire’s poetry and The Argonauts.

What's the best feedback you've had on the publication?

Every time someone mentions that they’ve even heard of Scum, it feels like Christmas.

What's the weirdest criticism the publication's received?

“pretty infuriating feminist blog – makes my face hurt” – some reddit user

Tell us something people don't usually know about Scum

We’re a pretty infuriating feminist blog – we make people’s faces hurt.

What’s on the horizon?

Our fifth birthday is coming up soon, and we’re tentatively planning something special for that.

Where can readers find you?




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