At the risk of hyperbole, this diary from Pilot Press is the greatest thing in the whole world. And we're giving one away.  

It's a simple idea, beautifully executed: a diary for writers.

Because as we all know, creativity doesn't necessarily go hand in hand with having your shit together. This diary lets you get it together in style.

It's light, pretty, but sturdy–as rugged, practical and gorgeous as a Jane Austen hero.

The diary is also loaded with accoutrements: space to scribble your moments of inspiration, to log progress, and helps you to set and meet your goals. You'll find tools to strengthen your skills, and it's also packed with details of competitions; a comprehensive list of literary journals and places to publish.  

All this along with advice from writers, industry leaders and gatekeepers on how to polish and pitch your work. Just look at these words from some eloquent and physically attractive tastemakers. 

There's not a single page you will turn without finding some kind of vital organisational hack or inspiring quote or bit of wisdom or neat trick or terrible joke that will make you wonder how you had the temerity to try to live your grey little life before this little brown panacea came into it.

In short it's a wonderful idea and we heartily endorse you to purchase a copy RIGHT NOW.


We're stocking the Pilot Diary because our whole team use them and we can’t think of a single writer who wouldn’t appreciate this as a gift before the new year.

But actually paying for something you neeed is a lot to ask of a working writer, so we're pleased to be able to offer a copy of a the 2017 Pilot Diary to one lucky reader.

Technically, it's a promotional copy, so we're going to give it to the person who has the best, most shameless story about something they've done for self promotion. No tale is too sordid or petty.

To go into the running, send an email with your self-promotional confession to We’ll post the diary out to the writer we think deserves it the most. The decision rests with us, and will not be negotiated, because this is not a cheerocracy.

Godspeed, you glorious cheapskates! 

Buy the 2017 Pilot Press at our special webstore price, and have it delivered straight to your door. 

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