'Are you okay?' he asked, closing the space between us and devouring all of my air before I had a chance to breathe. 'Do you want me to call someone?'

I attempted to continue backwards, hoping he would leave me alone, but with every centimetre I moved, he followed. All I wanted was to be rid of this monster, this horror, this... thing. The mere sight of him disable any attempts of speaking and brought on an onslaught of choking and coughing instead. It wouldn't have surprised me if I died at his hands.

'Grayce, are you -'

He was on me. I knew what he was saying and what he meant were polar opposites and if I didn't escape soon, I would feel the pain of one of his elongated talons piercing my skin, or the razorblades that filled his mouth removing my head. I had to leave. 

Attempting to scream, I could feel blood filling my mouth, a metallic taste coursing over my tongue, through my nose and down my throat. This was it. I was dead.

With a final push, the creature found itself above my almost deceased body, breathing heavily as it mocked me with worry and concern. 'You'll be fine.'

Only one thought crossed my mind at those words: irony.