Call for Submissions!
We are now accepting submissions for our May/June 2017 issue! The theme for this issue is “Three Wishes”. If you were given 3 wishes, what would you wish for? A million dollars? A fancy car? A child? The return of a loved one – from the dead? Would you go back in time? Forward in time? If you could grant 3 wishes, what would you give? To who? The deadline for this issue is April 16, 2017.
POSTED 24/03/17
Opportunity for writers, poets and artists
Mentored by attack journal heavyweights The Lifted Brow and published by student-run publishing house The Bowen Street Press, we’re an RMIT University student-led publication on a mission to give new and emerging artists a platform. If you’ve been disheartened by having your work rejected, we are making The Comeback for you.

Explore a world that is moving swiftly forward while looking firmly backwards: science is under threat, everything old is new again — but old, too — and the state of politics is…well, we don’t know, do you?

Have you experienced déjà vu lately?

Found yourself on Wikihow, looking up how to ferment your own vegetables?

Are you yearning for the days when experiences weren’t unfolding through a Snapchat filter?

We want literal and metaphorical interpretations of the word ‘back’ — nostalgia and time; recurrence and retrograde; and your thoughts on regressive politics, retrospectives, or simply the large posterior area of a body.

Submissions of creative non-fiction, memoir, commentary, reviews, how-tos, interviews, fiction, humour, satire, poetry, cartoons, comics, illustrations, photography, or hell, even dot-to-dots are welcome. Submission should be current yet enduring; locally specific but with a broad outlook; perhaps experimental; definitely sharp and original.

The Comeback is student-run, so while we’d love to reward with the finest gold, please note all submissions are unpaid.

But we can offer:

Your work published in a real life print publication that you can touch and hold and show to your grandparents.

Your work promoted via The Lifted Brow and The Bowen Street Press, including social media posts and through the BSP website.

Non-exclusive usage rights, so you are welcome to republish elsewhere.

And most importantly, while we will give every submission the chance it deserves, if it’s not what we’re looking for this time around, we will provide you with constructive feedback and encouragement so you can give it another go, because that is the life of an artist — forever coming back.

So, wipe the dust of your oldies or get inspired and create something new and help us make 2017 the year of The Comeback.

Submission guidelines:

There are no restrictions on the number of submissions you can send, but please make sure everything you send is your best work.

Fiction/non-fiction, memoir, commentary, etc. maximum 2,500 words

Poetry: maximum 500 words

Comics, cartoons and illustrations: Please keep in mind our dimensions are 240x180mm. All artwork must be 300 dpi.

For questions and submissions please email:

POSTED 22/03/17
The Jacoby-Walkley Scholarship
University students and recent graduates aged 26 years or under with a passion for TV journalism and storytelling and big dreams of carving out a career in the competitive television industry: this is the opportunity of a lifetime!

Over 12 weeks, successful applicants will develop their knowledge, understanding and experience of the media industry with a range of top media organisations, including:

- An eight-week placement at the Nine Network in Sydney, including four weeks at60 Minutes,two weeks in the Nine newsroom and two weeks split between A Current Affair and Today.
- A four-week placement at the Walkley Foundation, in the lead up to the 60th Walkley Awards for Excellence in Journalism.
- Participation in one TV production course through the open program at the Australian Film TV & Radio School (AFTRS)
- Mentoring from senior journalist members of the Walkley Advisory Board
- The successful applicant receives a stipend over the twelve weeks of the scholarship.

The 2017 internship will run from Monday September 4 — Friday November 24. Please note the internship is a full time (Mon-Fri) commitment so applicants should take this into consideration when applying.
POSTED 22/03/17
The Women’s Leadership in Media Award
This national award by the Walkley Foundation supported by PwC honours and celebrate women who are making a contribution to gender equality. Self-nominated and open to women working in media that’s mainstream or alternative, collaborative or individual, entrants whether they be individual or part of a team will be evaluated on criteria such as accuracy and insight, the impact of their work and the extent to which reporting sheds light on pressing, under-reported issues.

Entries will be accepted from all media platforms and the award winner will be recognized for using their platforms to promote visibility for women’s perspectives and experiences.

All entries must have been published, broadcast or televised in Australia from April 27, 2016 to April 26, 2017. Eligibility for the Walkley Women’s Leadership Award is based on independent acts of journalism, free from any commercial or corporate interests.

This is an all media category and each entry may consist of up to three pieces of work to represent a body of work.

Entry is FREE.
POSTED 22/03/17
Walkley Freelance Journalist of the Year — Entries now open
The Walkley Award for Best Freelance Journalist of the Year recognises the unique contribution that freelance journalists make across all media platforms to the future of the industry and is open to residents of either Australia or New Zealand.

The winner will receive a full pass to Storyology 2017 and two tickets to the Walkley Awards Gala Dinner in late November.

The Award for Best Freelance Journalist of the Year will be chosen on the basis of journalistic excellence. Judging will be for a body of work (3 pieces) published or broadcast in any medium in the last year. The criteria used for judging will include:

- Research
- Storytelling ability
- Originality and innovation
- Tangible public benefit
- Accuracy and ethics
- Excellent use of the medium/media

Judges will take into regard the resources available and entrants should be explicit about their available resources in their statements.

The award is an initiative of the Walkley Foundation in partnership with MEAA and entry is free for members.
POSTED 22/03/17
Walkley Young Australian Journalist of the Year Awards — Now Open
These awards recognise and reward the hard work of our most outstanding young Australian journalists. In 2017 these the awards will recognise those aged 28 and under who demonstrate excellence in the fundamental tenets of the craft as well as the ability to present distinctive and original journalism that pushes the boundaries of the profession.

To make the awards even more accessible and valuable to a diverse range of young reporters, a philanthropic grant from the Jibb Foundation will subsidise a drop in entry fee from $150 per entry to $50. (Entry remains free for MEAA union members.) The Jibb Foundation’s funding will also support a bumped-up prize for the overall Young Australian Journalist of the Year award winner, now to be a two-week trip to US newsrooms, and a mentorship program to further boost promising young careers.

The categories in 2017 are:

All media: Shortform journalism
All media: Longform feature or special (supported by Fairfax Media)
All media: Coverage of community & regional affairs (supported by UNSW)
All media: Visual storytelling (supported by Sky NEWS)
All media: Public service journalism (supported by News Corp Australia)
Student journalist of the year (supported by Macleay College)
The Walkley Young Australian Journalist of the Year ** ( supported by the Jibb Foundation)

** Please note that this year we have opened up the overall Walkley Young Australian Journalist of the Year Award to self and peer nominations. Winners of other categories will also be automatically go in the running for this award. Please read the full terms & conditions before entering.

Entry is open to young journalists employed full-time or freelance who have self-published or had work published or broadcast through Australian media outlets, including on-line publishers, between April 27, 2016 and April 26, 2017.

Entry is free for MEAA members.
POSTED 22/03/17
City of Rockingham Short Fiction Awards - Now Open
Entries are now open for the 2017 City of Rockingham Short Fiction Awards, with more than $5000 in prizes on offer.

Authors can submit up to three stories. Entered stories must be inspired by, drawn upon, or use the theme of the artwork "Arts Centre Cafe" by Daniela Selir (1994), which can be found on the entry form.

Individual stories cannot be entered in more than one category, and must be original, unpublished, not have received an award in another competition, and not be under consideration elsewhere from the time of entry in the awards until the official announcement of winners.

To ensure anonymity, please do not put names or contact Daniela Selir, Arts Centre Cafe (1994)details on the manuscript. Entries are read ‘blind’ by the judge, and all entries must be accompanied by a completed and signed entry form. Entries must be type-written, double-spaced on one side only of A4-sized white paper, with pages numbered, and the story title on each page.
POSTED 22/03/17
Chapter One: the AAWP Publication Pathway for Emerging Writers
Have you written a poetry collection, literary novel, short story collection, or a hybrid work that crosses genre boundaries? Enter the Australasian Association of Writing Programs’ (AAWP) ‘Chapter One’ competition for your chance to win.

If you win you will receive a written appraisal of your work from an established literary author and a letter of recommendation to the University of Western Australia Publishing (UWAP). This ‘tick of approval’ will see your manuscript assessed without delay. You will, effectively, leap to the top of the submissions pile.

You will also receive a $500 cash prize and fully subsidised conference fees to attend the annual conference of the AAWP (November 2017) where you will read from your work.
POSTED 22/03/17
Voiceworks - Longform Fiction Submissions
Here at Voiceworks, we’ve heard that some of you are writing longer stories—investigating characters, narratives and environments further than our 3,000-word limit allows—but are not quite sure what to do with them.Sure, there are prizes, but outside of this there are very few avenues for publication, especially for young writers.

We want to see what’s out there. We to publish the seriously good longform fiction young writers are working on.
POSTED 22/03/17
Award for an Unpublished Manuscript
The Award for an Unpublished Manuscript by an emerging Victorian writer – $15,000

Offered for a Victorian resident's unpublished fiction manuscript which may be a collection of stories or a novel.
POSTED 22/03/17