Artist Photo (Headshot)

Want to have a nice photo that you can put with your bio but don't know the first thing about how to do it? Let us help you by taking a professional looking author portrait that you'd be stick on the back of your book or online profile. 

Available in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane (more to come)

Price: $100.00 AUD

Social Media Audit with Patrick Lenton

Have you signed up for Facebook and Twitter, but can’t get any followers? Are your posts being shouted into the void? How do you sell your books and not just annoy everyone with spam. In the Social Media Audit services, well, Patrick Lenton will look over your existing channels and send you a document with easy to follow steps to improve and optimise your use.

Patrick will also create a workable strategy to help you understand your goals for social media as an author – connecting with readers, building fans and selling books.

What a Social Media Audit offers:

  • Comprehensive review of social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, Newsletter, Blog, Instagram & Pinterest.

  • Analysis of current practice

  • Recommendations for future practice, incl. PDF writeup of notes

  • A consultation (in person or phone/Skype) afterwards to discuss implementation of my suggestions, go over any questions and brainstorm ideas.

Patrick Lenton is an author and runs Town Crier, a social media and digital marketing consultancy for authors. 

Price: $250.00 AUD

eBook Production

Do you want to turn your novel, short story, biography or other type of writing into an eBook, we're here to help. We can accept your stories or manuscript in a variety of formats to work with; (word, pdf, InDesign, Pages, text document, and more). From this, we can produce a simple eBook in both ePub and Kindle mobi formats. 

What we'll do for you:

- Cover image added

 - Text formatted to match the source content

 - A linked table of contents

 - Validated and tested on devices and apps for the most popular platforms including: Apple, Nook, Google Play, Kobo and Kindle

For more complex projects, including those with index, extensive cross references, more stylized content, chapter heads and more, contact us directly for pricing.

Basic eBook package - $400

eBook Production

Ugly Dog Digital is a Design Studio focused on developing and publishing quality ebooks. They're a concierge publishing company, meaning they can help with anything ebook production related. Essentially we help you from start to finish getting your ebook out there, in whatever form you want it in and at a high quality. They have over 15 years of experience in the publishing industry. This includes working with libraries, designing eBooks, apps, digital magazines, web design and print design. If you can dream it, they can create it for you. 

Price: $400.00 AUD

Emerging Writer Website Development Package

Want your own writer website but don't know where to start? We can help you with that with our Emerging Writer Website Development Package (WordPress)

What you'll get:

  • An Initial 15-30 minute consultation (in person - Melbourne or phone/Skype) to discuss your site requirements

  • Development of a Wordpress theme, tailored around the needs of emerging writers

  • Domain and hosting setup (hosting & domain costs not included)

  • Implementation of a linked events calendar, embedded social media feed, book pages and writing portfolio

Connor Tomas O'Brien is a Melbourne-based designer and web developer. He was the director of the inaugural Digital Writers' Festival, and is the co-founder of ebookstore platform Tomely.

Price: $500.00 AUD

Writers Bloc Fiction Clinic

The Writers Bloc Fiction Clinic offers manuscript assessment services for shortstories.

The short story is a narrative form that, like poker, takes a day to learn the rules but a lifetime to master. It’s just as easy for a writer working on their hundredth shortstory to get stuck as one testing the waters with their first story.

We believe that the best way for writers of all levels benefit from peer guidance, which is why we are offering a new short story clinic, designed to give your fiction the boost it needs to move from concept to excellent.  

For a flat fee, short stories of up to 3000 words will be professionally appraised and edited by our editorial team – which includes award-winning authors, narrative tutors for state writers’ centres and major international festivals and professional editors. 

Get professional, objective feedback on your writing, including a detailed readers’ report that examines the key components of the short story, such as narrative, character, theme development and plot, as well as identifying areas for further improvement, and tips on getting published

Price: $100.00 AUD