An unexpected night visitor leaves something behind.

A very cold breeze blew over me. My arm hairs begin to stand and goosebumps rush over me. The room grew colder. Almost freezing. I glanced over at the window but it was shut. Suddenly, this horrid feeling grew inside me, which began to knot in my chest. I began to hear scratching noises on the walls. I could hear footsteps from across the room, over by the closet, and near the bedroom door. They were everywhere at once. I wanted to jump out of bed but I didn't know where to run. I knew something was there but I could see nothing. I began to hear a sound, very faint in the distance. I couldn't tell from which direction. The sound grew louder, filling the room. My ears began to hurt, my head pounding. It sounded like a pair of wings. Wings flapping in the room, drawing huge gusts of wind. I gripped my ears as they began to ring loudly. There was so much pressure from the sound, I thought my head would explode and I cried out. Then, everything stopped and the room went quiet. Trying to catch my breath, I couldn't think of what to do next. I was so scared and with all the confusion, I hadn't realized the bottom of my bed had sank down. That's when I noticed the indents in the mattress, on both sides of my legs. My heart stopped. Something was on the bed with me.

-excerpt to The Conceived