Thigh high stockings with dragon flower details. Suspenders still clipped on my left buttock only. My corset shifted downwards to my navel exposing my C cups as he gets his dairy on. 
You are the love of my life. My soulmate. What I would not do for you. My lovebite.

While I lay down on my back, my eyes remain wide shut. Reminisce only of you, my blue-eyed wanderlust. 
This one feels so heavy on me. His hairy chest grinding up & down alongside my chest. His motion intensifying. I feel every sickening prickling feeling of his damned chest hair. 

The impediment takes me back to my life with you... The sweat between us makes a swooshing sound that sends my intestines in reverse motion in pure disgust. I should moan and breathe heavier. Fake harder. 
The sound I've been waiting for comes at last. At least this one just got up and left. No more necessary fake gratitude here. I get so damn bored with the "trinket" baby and the heavy breathing "thank you" at the end of it. 
They're sending in the next one already? The deal is to have a 20-minute break in between sessions. Well, I suppose a girls gotta fuck what a girls gotta fuck. 

I will need a line. If not for anything but energy. God knows what weird shit this next one is into. 
Tommy, I cannot do this without you. Bring your blue eyes back. Look at me. 
This line is a good one. I feel relaxed. I feel energised. Come and get me.

He got me alright. Right between my thighs. He's tongue sweeps me as one would enjoy delicately licking out the white bits of a sweetie pie.
Oh please don't kiss me on my lips. If only you knew another entered and exited just about 5 minutes earlier. I'll will him away from my lips as hard as I can.
What could it be about a half-dressed woman, high on cocaine that attracts a man so intensely? Pay for this? Pay. That is what makes me indebted to drop down on my knees and finish this.

Tommy, why have you gone so early?