Introducing Creative Cupid, our writing mentor program.

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Writing can be a lonely business. As a writer we have the privilege of spending time creating characters, building worlds and, hopefully, connecting with readers. But it's true, as a writer, it can get a little lonely inside one's head. It is a truth universally acknowledged that a writer in possession of an idea must be in want of someone to bounce that idea off.  That's why George Saunders had Tobias Wolff, Sartre had Stein and Wharton had James. 

Let's be honest, it's nice to have:

An ally

A good writing mentor understands what it's like to be in your shoes. Whether it's emotional support after a rejection or advice on how to sharpen up that cover letter, your writing mentor will be a voice of reason and assistance. 

A cheerleader

There's nothing better than sharing success with someone. Sure, your family and friends will be stoked that you've been published in your first literary journal, but a pat on the back coming from someone who has been in those trenches too is all the more sweet. 

A muse

The Beats, the Bloomsbury Set and the cads of the Left Bank all knew the benefits of being pushed by your peers. If your mate has just written A Room with a View, well you go and write A Room of One's Own. 

An honest critic

It's also important to get input from someone who can objectively read your work and offer advice. A cursory "It's great" from a supportive friend isn't quite as helpful as "If you're going to introduce a character in this scene, they need to be more fleshed out or realistic".

A coach

By having a writing mentor, you are basically agreeing to exercise your writing muscles each week. Accountability will bring out the best in your writing and build a routine.

But how do you find the right writing mentor?

Well, that's a tough one. It's not easy to find a creative mind that will work well with yours. Or at least, it used to be.  

That's why we've launched Creative Cupid, our new matching service for writers.

We take that pressure off you and find someone to bounce ideas off, to keep you motivated or just to listen to your struggles as a writer.

We will ask you a bunch of questions about what you love to read and what you're working on and then, LIKE ATHENA HERSELF we'll match you with the perfect muse/mentor/mentee, or just plain old writing buddy. 

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