We settle for less. Surrounded even when we are, with choices. Why? There is this corner -deep deep inside your soul, take a peek, quick. Its little & black and full of thoughts that you'd rather give your life for in exchange of preserving it secrecy. Can you see it yet? No? It calls on you while you're at your higher phases, whispering low words about how the wind that is helping your wings will be the one to knock you down. See it? Its hammering you on the inside of letting go too easily. Or of not letting go at all. Now? Its screaming at a pitch so high, only you can hear, shrieking that you've wasted your life, that you've sucked the nectars of life while people have died in the mud, that you've given up on people that mattered, that you've betrayed the ones who stayed. Now? Its crawling up, closer to your earlobe now, can you feel the chill? You're a web of deceit it says. Remember the laughter you shed on your enemy's tears. Remember the door you shut inside your heart. Remember the pained woman you passed across the street, pleading you with her eyes, to acknowledge her existence. You looked away. No, you can't look away anymore. Its telling you a secret. Come close. Closer. Darkness consumes. So WHY? It tells you the truth. You've settled for less because you think it is what You Deserve. That is the little dark corner deep deep inside your soul. Can you see it now?