I wanted to be a doctor not a lawyer like my parents want me to be. They want me to be a criminal lawyer, use the law of tort, contract law and labour laws and labor relations to defend criminals while the innocent remain marginalized and helpless. My voice tells me  i should be a doctor, a mission on this planet. To assist the mentally unstable, women with breast and cervical cancer, children with paralysis and other brain disorders like epilepsy but who will support me in this endevor.

I thought my mother would listen to me but she has her legal children with her legal husband where my presence is illegal because i rejected the idea of being a lawyer. I had hope that father will at least try to hear me out but he also considers illegal and therfore an outcast in the family. All my brothers and sisters did law and are lawyers why would they not allow me to be a medic.

When I walk around the village my name echoes in each and every house, because every parent's desire all over the community is to have their children persue law because lawyers are political symbols and powerful individuals right? My worry is who will treat this lawyer in case of an emergence?

I want to give back to the community, to serve people and that is a call I cannot afford rejecting.I must be a DOCTOR.