Girl wakes up from bad dream- or was it?

“ELLY” I screamed. Or at least I tried too. Every time I tried  nothing came out. “ELLY TURN AROUND” I tried again, still nothing. Elly not hearing my voice was still on the lush green grass, picking wild flowers oblivious to the fact that another girl was sneaking towards her with a spear in hand.

 Her steps were soundless like a cat. I try to get down from the tree that I am perched on. I can’t move. I look down to see thick vines wrapped tightly around me, what on earth is happening. I try getting myself out when I hear a loud cry my head whips up and my eyes met with the other girl. 

Her spear was poking out of the front of Elly’s shirt. Red blood, the exact shade of the unknown girls hair began pooling around the two. I gave out a loud scream and fell to the floor with a loud thud, my eyes flew open and a bright light blinded me.

 I looked down and saw my bright green pyjamas, stained with fresh tears. It was a dream i thought to my self taking deep breaths. My heartbeat was just starting to slow down when the bedroom door was thrown open. “what happened?” asked one person “are you okay honey?” asked another. 

I looked up and saw several worried women looking down at me. “i-i’m fine” i quickly stood up “I just had a bad dream” two of the women grabbed onto my hands and sat me on the bed, another  handed me a glass of water and the one that seemed to be in charge gave me a distasteful look “As you are already awake i shall run through your schedule for today. 

At 7am – which is in half an hour- you are to gather in the training hall with the other girls. Then at  12pm you get a lunch break. After you eat its back to training and after that its dinner. My girls” She said gesturing to maids “will bring you breakfast and help you into your training clothes” and with that she left the room.

 One of the maids followed her out of the room to get breakfast and the other two told me to undress and helped me into my “training clothes” which consisted of a tight black long sleeved top and and tight black pants and black running shoes.