Have you ever struggled to find a sense of belonging while continually moving from place to place? It's a dream within a dream - just when you think it makes sense, it all slips away. (PS: Dada cut up text technique was the basis for this piece).

Roaring water
I married Pierre, the acerbic and belligerent artist
I also loved Colombian drug lords 

Get promises in writing. 

I left the city 
I came to myself in darkness
Treasures were found in the tomb
Heavy with sweet crabmeat
Fuchshia gall mite
Full of quirky, easy allure

Some with secrets, ambiguities and contradictions. 
Two dogs and a rubber dinghy
Highly spiced foods
Skeleton of a Celtic princess. 

Ivory tower escapism issues
or a rugged inner pioneer life.
You choose. 

Scientifically balanced comfortable existence
Long unpaid state workers hinting at transformation 
Uncontrollably marching north
Ravaging the popular sixteenth century architecture 

Los Angeles experience helped me keep up with
the trends
Famous episodes, seared scallops 
Customers are satisfied
Soft valleys, colour saturated
Perception of my vulnerable, expensive wine list
As thick as a man’s arm 

Get happily lost
Fly to a Hollywood spirit house
Spend three weeks brushing with the reserved 

Many unfamiliar noises, most enjoyable rituals
Silent marble hall
Little dog cemetery 
26 metre long tunnel seemed a monumental
fragile abstraction
His signature medium 

Southern California modernism, realism
Permanence and transience 
Gentle art of touring
Midnight blue evening dress
Wonderful crab salad ($16)
Southermost margins dismissed by a rival painter 
Twisted free to reassess and reconfigure
For a drink of earth  

Night was just beginning
This monumental powerful surge opened fire on the city
Bursts of partridge
Gunshot, gun shy
I answered by a sob, scaring him, and I noticed 

Sounds of salsa, big black kettle
Caught with the renowned Southern Californian artist
New moon, sea water flowing
He was crazy, shaking voice, muttered words 
“I’m tired” 
My eyes wide 
Silence in the room, gaping hole in the street
Bony forehead
Pale-coloured eyes of the ship’s rats. 

Hollywood dream:
Divorce wasn’t easy
Descend the ladder
Of that unlucky street 

Los Angeles: verge of a breakdown
When I returned again to life, desperate for work 
Heavy reality, reinventing myself, move on, then passing
You do things for a state of flux
Other daily commitments help you achieve
Worked the room pursuing new work
Freedom stood looking down at me 

Watch collector’s dream:
Baby crabs escape mind and body 
Chestnut trees
Tribe of people concerned with war
Ham, lentils, and cold marble tombs
Gruesome parallel
Splendid bronze alias, statuary, follies
Passion of anger
Brandy and water, unknown before 1825. 

Allow for one traffic warden’s prowling.
Tricky month. 

Abrasive young Irish retired steelworker
Got so mellow
Fertilised the female 
Serious flaw, but in a good way. 

Rubble-filled lot
30,000 invaders, barbarians, migrated 
Hear them shout, “Is he dead?” 

I remember strings
Feathered with friseé creamed salt fish
Highly spiced and replete
Deep-red ranges, underwater excavation
Wide band of fried quiet stability
Odd black heavy sprays, firing signals of distress
Carrots hung as a talisman
Killed by a Swiss 

Pantyhose may need adjusting
Unpredictable birds, psychedelia’s trailblazers
Plastic surgeon husband 
Bodies and finances lift the atmosphere now. 

Sickness of an unused wounded caramel custard
The busy season 
Estranged sleeping patterns
Now and then a dark decorative style celebrates the ephemeral bizarre shapes
One dream comes true
I’d love to see into the garden 
Fat livestock
Beans or peas
Wisely hiding themselves. 

Mink musk expressed on the palate
Baking lured the next big adventure 
Females destined to dwell underwater
Made a dreadful mistake
Shattered rock, eyes focused, betrayed the shock
Black suede headaches
Limped back from the wilderness 
Heard the screams 
Bloodstained mask leaves warnings. 

A constable overlooking the sea showed no emotion
Octopus, shrimp and gurnard
Little crab. Doom.
Womanhood breaking in from the fire, cutting through cornichons.
Gaping mouths inhale, stretched to breaking point
Branded by a hot grill
He was going to kill me. 

Cold ground tribal leader
Rain-swollen face that hypnotises
Clouded by suspicion
The coral entombed her 
Gang bang types nest contentedly 
Seemed terribly civilised 
Trying to uncover cloud forest
A dozen illegal husbands contorted with fury, sobbing wildly. 

A pile of sticks draped in moss-rose have a beauty
Slowly and calmly baited with scent
Capers, 2 eschallots
Two small jibs distract the senses
We lie silent with fond abandon
Constantly drawing
Fish-nets float through pores
Those living and dead simultaneously sat up with a jerk
Ivory caribou jewels flashing
Scented paper, a deep rose dress
Dribble of saliva bubbled on the leaves 

Cosmic climate, golden and sticky, always changing
The lights drew nearer
Venemous living weapons 
Sunrise saved me 

An exotic air filtered through yellow cubes of butter
We found a pass in a continual kitchen and parlour jungle
Taking such a risk, sipping a mug of peppermint
Finding a high magnetic needle 
Dimming the lights of the forbidden lesions.
Diarrhoea seemed constant.
I was surviving at least. 

Out of chemistry, the biggest danger
Oil, vinegar, salt and pepper
Name recalled the time white-skinned idiots
Carefully concealed catnip and lard with extra coriander
Contorted trees, difficult childbirth
Red fox, mink, wolverine
Ruby Woo red lips
Many nights out .

Long sheer limestone face recalling shades of mint, coriander and parsley
Curving away, harnessed to the sled
Knocked off his feet, made me feel better. 
Skulls that were holding charcuterie, oysters, parfait
Triumphantly free, dizzily swirling waters
Faint scar of the airstrip
Sliced potatoes
All the others drift over us  

Crisp night air 
Another form of pain. 

The silent frozen mountain people
Their versions of Madonna and Beyoncé looked dangerously through the jungle
Mixture of scents get lost
Chilli, mango and red onion 
Water in the darkness, an opaque world
Guides and carriers, ready to crank practically everything
Clambered down
Heard birds singing 
Employed the principle from the original down-filled parka and fuelled their nonchalance
Sparkling trees grew taller in an unyielding arc
Gathered native remedies; crushed garlic, stinging nettles
Ugly and old
Holding onto the wall whenever they felt tired
Crossing a creek into a sun bathed area 
Perfect spot
Loyalty and courage
Pandemonium followed 

Stretchy grass skirts, scalding hot soup 
Ghosts of smoke rising lazily
Suspension bridge opened the entrance 
Last on the roof
Face the broad rivers and white slopes of cornflour 

A visitor beat the egg whites 
Turned silver
Really beautiful.

Several million dollars of sorcery
Honey, soy sauce and garlic
Chest-deep, delicious feeling, air felt warm 
An almost sheer low intensity
Boiling salted water ran downstream
Impatient to get extra sriracha sauce supplies by plane
Far below we saw myriad bright baby marrows
Still howling. 

The divide between crudités, terrine and steak was a nightmare
Hugging my knees 
Powerful legs set the new traps.

Chopped parsley asked to the boom, headed upstream
Kohlrabi coffee beans display their majesty on top of me
‘Husky’ entertainment
Grated cheese
Olfactory calling card got stuck between the strangers. 

Twinkling salt sprinkled in the sky.
Stars enveloped in a swirling mist slanting across spruce trees. 
The brittle birches’ muted greens. Medicinal herbs stopped and refused cornichons and green onions.

Peaceful sleep 
North side of the range 
Motorised sled stays level barely an hour.  

Midnight the next day
Zucchini growing dangerously big
Celery, radish, a three knot current
Silence is suddenly left shaken
Blended in the water.
Earth is a hiding place. 

Chopped oregano hollered in Portuguese from another planet among tall buildings
Anchovy, lemon, garlic
Sensitive noses
Muscles moving slowly, striding boldly across
egg-yolks until we fall asleep. 

Meaning and symbolism
Sun remains high
Rectangular melon quote 
Pays cash for eggs
Points out future water. 

Half-remembered, lashed together
Shaking hands
We need water
Acid rain
Too toxic for hot tubs, mini-oceans, fishing boats, buckets of water, almost everything
Sodium sulphate wrapped in lamé
Lots of great parties.
Bright red flowers
Greatest diversion
Saying farewell
Night of celebration
Mood changes
Return from the river
Expertly inject the potion 

The setting is startling 
Coal-fired power plants
Red and orange
Lonesome acres
Tall grass heaving
The weariness. 

Gray cheeks of a corpse deadened the water
Dead spirits deeply and permanently destroyed the camp sites.

Lost to the future
Canoe these chilly lakes
Find beautiful animals
Golden meat
Specimen jars
The wire baskets radiate like iris petals. 

Traditional distribution of gifts
Staying deep 
I could roller skate
I play
Colour splashes bright
Trees and rocks
React with disbelief
I like to kick. 

Trees starting to change
Swooping with pointed wings that seemed metallic, raspy and thick

Strong at nine
Five red foxes enjoyed life and raised lots of hell 

Floating, the dead move through
salt-encrusted wastelands
Evil chemistry
Dry seabed 

Groggy animal, playing on the shore,
Reminds me of Disneyland.