A short introduction of how I grew up.


I am from....
I am from kindness, hugs, gentleness and love.
Pecan trees, stinging bees, no TV and magnolia trees.
Encouraging words, an absent Father, a sickly Brother, a Godly Mother.
Poverty mixed with abundance, peach pie, analyzing clouds in a Clear spring sky.
Clean clothes hanging on the clothesline, watermelon in the summer time. Helping neighbors, space heaters, homemade bread, and prayers before bed.
I am from red Georgia clay that once on your clothes is there to stay.
Grassless lawns and sweet honeysuckle. Hot and lazy summer days.  I am from Walking to school, washing dishes in a sink, a claw foot tub and hardwood floors, pinto beans and costume jewelry from my GrandMother.  I am from mopping the design off of floral linoleum rugs that were paper thin and blindingly bright. I am from one amazing winter spent in Macon with my Great Aunt and Uncle. I am from special gifts from my Mother and her brothers, a hope chest, a Goldilocks watch, a change purse, $100 at my High school graduation. I am from brothers who called me "sister". I am from happy. 
I'm from Ask and It will be given, If the good Lord's willing, and Two wrongs don't make a right. Say your prayers, forgive others, mind your manners, watch your brothers.
I am from country living in a big city, redheaded woodpeckers and my grandfathers hybrid roses.
I am from compassion and honesty, yes ma'am and no sir, falling asleep to A symphony of crickets and waking up to my mothers singing.
I am from lots of praying and trusting in God.
I'm from Do as I say AND Do as I do, Do unto others, Do for yourself, You can Do this, Do it right the first time. Do you know how much I love you?
I am from the school of hard knocks and the invisible privilege of a home filled with Joy and unconditional love 
and for this amazing and priceless gift, I am forever grateful.