Who are you when no one's watching hidden from the light of day?

Are you the same "you" that the world sees or do you lean a different way?

Do you turn a blind eye to injustice? Spit cruel words on a small child? Disrespect your partner? Hide contempt behind your smile?

After all -- no one can see, the things we do in private.  It’s my business, it’s up to Me. 


But are the things you do in private , things you want the world to see?

Words whispered into a phone, or tapped onto a keyboard –

images viewed while you are all alone.


Meetings arranged while out of town-words spoken for a laugh-
Happy for another’s pain – cruel or condescending, The list is never ending.

What you do is your private business it's not hurting anyone.  Or – is it?

Consider that your life is a movie and you are the star.

Do you laugh along with the crowd or stand up for what is right?
Do you steal ?
Plot the downfall of another?
Feel superior?

Or maybe you are much more subtle.
Maybe you just stretch the truth until it's almost a lie or you are a shameless flirt but you would NEVER cheat.
OR --you were just borrowing things from work but you would never "steal" them.
 Maybe you destroy other people while pretending to be their friend.

Maybe you tell half truths to put yourself in a better light or to falsely blame another.

Maybe you don't lie, you just don't tell the "whole truth" or "exactly" the truth. Maybe you just tell "partial" truths, editing out information as you deem necessary.

Consider if all your actions were on tape and played on a movie screen in front of all your family friends and colleagues.

 Would you be ashamed of anything you saw or heard in the movie of you?

Be better.

Do better.

Because, You ARE making a movie. It's called your life. And every day people are watching.

Make the sort of movie you are proud to star in.