You're apart of me, without me
being aware.
Your skin, your touch, the smell of you,
one cannot compare
My innocence, I held onto.
My curiosity growing, slipping away, like my consciousness,
to allow my body to feel.

Day by day, night by night,
foolish thoughts carry away the moment,
which of one, I could only imagine.
Until the time arrives,
when this is no longer child's play.

It's leaving me, this fantasy of mine.
Replaced by feelings of reality only the senses can grant.
On top of me, I feel warm, I can't hide.
Those eyes stripping me of every wall I've built.
I can't hide!
Forced to give parts of myself, parts of me no one has touch.
Unexpecting orbs of my soul slipping away.

I come back to this memory,
for not the sake of comfort.
But for the sake of regret.
He's apart of me, and nothing of me is apart of him.

R. R Wyatt