What if every mean thing you spat out of your mouth physically injured the person receiving it and made a wound on their body that bled like a cut?  Would you choose your words more carefully?

What if everything you ever said was recorded and then could be played back at certain points in time, perhaps years later and under completely different circumstances, – would you think more before speaking?

What if every conversation you had was the last one you would ever have with the person you were speaking to, would you make your end of the conversation take a different slant?

What if Jesus was standing behind the person you were speaking with, would you behave any differently?

What if every angry conversation you had with another human being subtracted 1 year from their life, would you cease being angry?

What if the vile words you had vomited on a child caused them to commit suicide?

What if your husband had a car accident after you told him to “go to hell” and you never got to apologize?

What if your wife disappeared without a trace and the last words you had spoken to her were ones of anger, annoyance or criticism?

What if your brother died without hearing you say that you loved him?

What if you contracted severe brain damage or other sudden memory loss disorder and then could not say “I’m sorry or I forgive you” to a family member or friend for some long ago hurt?

Life is short, words are powerful, choose your wisely.