1: Pentatonix - 1


The recognisable name flew across the news border, as I stood in the middle of my tiny kitchen with my mouth wide open. Smashed plates collected around my feet, poking into my soft skin.

Famous a cappela group Pentatonix has initiated a chase through the streets of Los Angeles. Do not approach these criminals. They are potentially armed and dangerous to the lives of others.

A chase with live footage was taking place in the streets. SWAT teams were barging through chaos to reach what the authorities were calling 'fugitives'. Scott's shirt was torn, Kirstin's hair flowed freely behind her, and Mitch's shoes were tearing at the soles. My hope collapsed when I saw a dead end, and the quintet sprinting straight into it. The group paused, realising their mistake, and timidly stood on the edge of a miniature driveway. 

They were going to die. 

The SWAT team shot directly at them, and the camera glitched for a second. When the camera vision came back, all I could focus on were the limp bodies laying on the asphalt. Fully armoured men with rifles were sprawled along the street, and all five of them were gone.