Writers Bloc, is a place for writers, and all good writers are great readers.

Here at the Bloc we love reading. We also like wine and people, so it makes sense that we run not one, but two monthly book clubs. The first is our Cult Classic book club, in which is we discuss a discuss a classic text suggested by our community of readers—a book they've loved and think the whole world should read. We provide reading notes to encourage people to start their own groups, and an online platform for the whole community to share their thoughts. 

The second book club we run is called Bright Young Things, which, like it says on the tin, celebrates new talent. It is entirely online, and exclusively features work from emerging writers. Each month, we have the pleasure of joining our featured writer via Google Hangout, where they discuss their book, and answer questions from Bloc Club host Geoff Orton, as well as our Bloc Club members. It's all the fun of a writers festival, but you don't have to leave the house—and you can save a fortune on wine by drinking it straight from the box in the comfort of your own home!

This month on Bright Young Things we are reading Home Is Burning  by Dan Marshall (Hachette), a memoir which is being adapted into a film by Miles 'Whiplash' Teller. Grab a copy through the link below for your chance to ask Dan the your burning questions (sorry, couldn't resist) about his memoir. 




At twenty-five, Dan Marshall left his 'spoiled white asshole' life in Los Angeles to look after his dying parents in Salt Lake City, Utah. His mother, who had already been battling cancer on and off for close to 15 years, had taken a turn for the worse. Join Dan and the Marshalls as they discover that laughter is the best medicine, especially when combined with alcohol, pain pills, excessive swearing, sexual escapades, actual medicine and more alcohol. 

'It's hard to imagine a memoir about moving home to take care of your cancer-stricken Mom and your dying Dad could be fun to read, but Dan Marshall manages to pull it off. Equal parts hilarious and heartbreaking, Home is Burning proves that with family, tragedy always has company' - James Frey

Last week we we're lucky to feature an extract of the first chapter of Home is Burning as part of Bloc Features.


Join us live on Thursday 5th of November as Geoff Orton chats asks Dan about his new book, and what it's like to be played by Miles Teller. The chat will take place at 12pm AEDST as Dan's in LA, probably drinking by the pool, possibly being a 'spoiled white asshole'. Bookmark the livestream below to find out for sure. 

Can't wait till then? Join the discussion at Bloc Club

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