This is episode Seven of 'What is She Doing?' our new video series featuring Bri Lee.

In which Bri Lee is awarded the inaugural Kat Muscat Fellowship, files from NYC Fashion Week, and plays with an awful-looking dog. 

So, we started recording Bri's journey a few months back because we wanted to capture the struggle of a young writers' faltering steps. We didn't expect her to suddenly become heeeeeaps more successful than us, and we dare you to watch the whole video without getting jealous and resentful, and also we've fired her. 

Just kidding! Technically, we work for her now.  

You can read Bri's Literary Cities piece by clicking here. 

And more Bri on Zanita's website. 

And for yet more Bri, read up on the Kat Muscat Fellowship here. 

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Bri Lee

Bri Lee is a Brisbane-based writer and the founder of Hot Chicks with Big Brains. She also works in photography, videography, and editing, and her work has appeared in Scum, Voiceworks, Acclaim, and Spook.