The Art of Romance

Justin Heazlewood, on the art of balancing a relationship and a creative career. 

When it comes to a choice of partner, there are two schools of thought. Some will be stimulated by those involved in the arts, while others will welcome an outside perspective. In comedy, it’s common for neurotic stand-ups to marry their grounded publicists or managers, while many visual artists I know form romantic collaborations with fellow practitioners.


Family Management

Justin Heazlewood, author of Funemployed, on the family frustrations unique to artists. 


Building Blocs | Who's Afraid of Isaac Asimov?

A guide to avoiding savage nerds converging upon your innocent science fiction story and ripping it to shreds. 


Raphaelle Race


The journey into writing science fiction can be perilous. No writer with a brain wants to accidentally alienate the hard-line physics nerds or quantum theory junkies who lurk in their own parallel universe in specially designated areas like insultingly stupid movie physics.


Building Blocs | Self Care

This is a Building Blocs piece on checking oneself before one wrecks oneself.

If you write from home, chances are, things get a little weird sometimes. Most of the time it’s just you, your big old brain, and a computer. There are probably half-empty cups of tea everywhere, and your version of ‘getting ready’ in the morning is simply having a shower and changing into a different pair of trackies.


How to Write Sex

Have you always wanted to write a sex scene, but don’t know how to start?

Maybe the whole thing terrifies you, or you could just be terribly confused about the whole thing. We’ve done the dirty business of asking some of our favourite authors how they put together sexy, steamy, thrilling words about people having it off.

How to Write Sex



Trust Issues | How To Make Friends With Your Editor

This is a Building Blocs Piece, on building relationships between freelancers and editors.

Editors are the literal gatekeepers to publication. Learning how to build good relationships with editors is one of the most important skills for freelance writers seeking success.

Portrait of Gatekeeper – Supplied



How To Win The Booker

This is is the Writers Bloc Guide to winning the Man Booker, the greatest literary prize in the world.

The Man Booker Prize is the most prestigious English-language prize for literature in the world. The winner receives £50,000 as well as the £2,500 awarded to each of the shortlisted authors. Both the winner and those on the shortlist are guaranteed a worldwide readership plus the added bonus of a massive increase in book sales around the world.


What Even Is A Mentor?

This is a piece by Lauren Sherritt on the importance of professional creative mentoring programs.

During the first few years of my writing career, I’ve been lucky to have been chosen to participate in a number of mentoring programs that have helped me grow both professionally and personally. Call me a mentorship junkie; I’m addicted to this unique brand of learning opportunity.


What Even Is An Agent?

This is a Building Blocs piece, in which Bri Lee interviews Literary Agent Grace Heifetz about what exactly an agent does.

Bri Lee interviews an agent from Curtis Brown (AUS), Australia's largest literary agency.

What even is an agent? What do they do? Do you need one? How do you get one? All that and more. Enjoy! 



Building Blocs – Taxtime

This is a Building Blocs piece in which, Sam Ryan from SAYSO talks tax for writers. 


I’m a writer! I wrote some things! I’m getting paid for them! Now what?

Well first, I’m going to assume you’ve already registered for an ABN and decided whether or not as a sole trader, you’ll register for GST.



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