Freelance Hygiene: Time Management

Today on Building Blocs, we talk freelance hygiene and the tricky task of time management.

The Grant that Won: Our Grant Proposal Sample

Katerina and Geoff talk the application that won and share a grant proposal sample. 

Win a Grant, Get Published

Sarah Gates on her 'dream run' year and everything you need to know to win a grant. 

Grant Writing: How to Write a Proposal with Alison Croggon

Writers Bloc talks to Alison Croggon about how to write a proposal that will wow funding bodies.

A piece of advice: don’t look at Alison Croggon’s resume unless you're having a high self-esteem day. She is a novelist, poet, critic and opera librettist. Despite the breadth of her career, she is highly successful in every field with the Australian Book Review describing her as “one of the most powerful lyric poets writing today.”

Grant Writing Tips

Before our upcoming short course on grant writing, Katerina Bryant talks fellowship and grant writing tips as well as where to apply.

Social Media for Writers with Patrick Lenton

Demystify the world of digital marketing and social media with Patrick Lenton.

Social Media for Writers: LinkedIn Edition

Sophie Byrne shares her LinkedIn skills, explaining the 'how to's' of social media for writers.

Do I Need an ABN? Surviving Taxes for Freelancers

Today on the Bloc, we talk ABNs and making the best of taxes for freelancers.

It's Time to Write: A Q&A with Write and Shine’s Gemma Seltzer

On finding the time to write and smashing creative goals, with Write and Shine's Gemma Seltzer.

Gemma Seltzer is made of fairy dust. She must be magical, I hypothesise, after reading her credentials. It’s a long list filled with collaborations, residencies, a Winston Churchill Travel Fellowship and the publication of her heartwarming book, Speak to Strangers.

Author Platforms - how to build one, and why

Building Blocs posts are designed to help you navigate the trickier elements of writing business and craft. In today's post, digital strategist and Bloc Features editor Anna Spargo-Ryan helps demystify author platforms. 


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