Curating an Event for Beginners

Comedian Ethan Andrews talks curating a killer event from the ground up.

Breaking into Music Journalism

Sharona Lin on how to break into music journalism, get paid and why the internet is your friend.

As a teenager, being a music journalist was the dream. Getting paid to write about music? Going to gigs for free? Talking to famous people? I couldn’t think of anything better.

Of course, the reality of the music journalism is a little different – it’s actually really hard to make a living writing about music. It’s not impossible, but it can be tricky and you probably won’t make a lot of money doing it.

Perfecting Your Flash Fiction

Seizure's Flashers Editor, Jack Cameron Stanton breaks down how to make your flash fiction shine.

As Flashers Editor for Seizure Online I read a hell of a lot of flash fiction and have noticed a range of common symptoms that end up weakening a story under 500 words.

Writing Truth in Memoir

Katerina Bryant explores what it means to tell the truth in memoir.

Worldbuilding for Speculative Fiction

Marlee Jane Ward explains how to build a realistic world when writing speculative fiction.

I’ve got worlds living inside my head. I’ll tell you what, it sometimes gets real crowded in there. Sometimes something I see or hear or read slots a big chunk into an already existing world in my mind, and this spins off threads and fragments of what it could mean for that world.

…And that’s how I do worldbuilding. Ta-da!  

But really: Charlie Jane Anders says: ‘One thing about worldbuilding: the more you explain, the more you have to keep explaining.’

Talking Self-Publishing with Sarah Gates

We chat self-publishing, marketing and going all in with Sarah Gates.

Sarah Gates’ debut to traditional publishing hit the shelves last year. Love Elimination (Harlequin Mira) was not her first foray into the world of publishing. In 2015, she self-published a YA novel after it received over 9.6 million views on Wattpad. Before her recent short course (accessible here), we sat down with Gates to talk self-publishing and the always-changing world of marketing.

There is No Right Way to be a Writer

Giselle Au-Nhien Nguyen on how making it as a freelancer has impacted her health and reminds us there is no right way to be a writer.


I have been trying to write this piece for days. My head has been pounding. Every time I start, I stop, look at what I’ve written, hate it, hate myself. Close laptop, rinse, repeat.




How To Write A Book Review

Everyone's got an opinion, so what comes next? We dig into the process of how to write a book review.

How to Write a Book Review

Review pages have been a staple of magazines and newspapers since the first time someone wondered, “is it any good?”

Thousands of reviews, in print and online, are published every day and devoured by entertainment-seekers keen to discover and compare the latest and greatest – and also sometimes the worstest – tidbits of media out there.

Freelance Life: A Room All On One's Own

Molly McLaughlin on finding community when freelance life is lonely. 

Writing is a solitary pursuit. Freelance writers lack the structure of a workplace, which means writing can be even more isolating compared to an average office job. When I started freelancing, I didn't know a single other person who was a writer. It was fine, but I often had doubts and questions about my work and my career. There was no one to ask. I missed talking to people with similar interests to me.


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