Finding Space To Write When You’re On The Go

Claire Rosslyn Wilson on how travel doesn't have to mean abandoning your writing routine

Getting Over Imposter Syndrome While You’re Writing

Katerina Bryant on the origins of 'imposter syndrome' and how to believe in your words.

How to Become a Writer

Building Blocs Feature Editor Katerina Bryant on greyhounds, great writing, and writing wrongs

When I think of my life, I can’t help but think of that niggling list of regrets. Buying a guitar on a sweeping gust of ambition only to realise I sucked; throwing out every screwdriver in the tool box because ‘how often will I need that’ (the answer was, and still is, pretty regularly); those bitter mistakes I made when I started my writing career.

Freelance Jobs And International Travel

Claire Rosslyn Wilson shares some strategies for living between places and developing international networks as a creative freelancer. 

Make Professional Editing Work for You

This is a Building Blocs post from Allison K Williams, an experienced professional editor. 

Professional editing offers some choice lines of copy. In a recent manuscript I found this pearler. 

“He left the theatre, contemplating his own intensity.”

The Anxiety of Influence

Is your writing original? Probably not. But that’s no reason to get stressed about it. Raphaelle Race dives into the sea of neurosis that is the creative process.

The ‘anxiety of influence’ was first coined by one of America’s most beloved pomposities (also Professor of Humanities at Yale University), Harold Bloom. He used the term to talk about the fact that writers are constantly battling against every word they’ve ever read – especially the people they admire most – when the try to create original work.

The Art of Romance

Justin Heazlewood, on the art of balancing a relationship and a creative career. 

When it comes to a choice of partner, there are two schools of thought. Some will be stimulated by those involved in the arts, while others will welcome an outside perspective. In comedy, it’s common for neurotic stand-ups to marry their grounded publicists or managers, while many visual artists I know form romantic collaborations with fellow practitioners.

Family Management

Justin Heazlewood, author of Funemployed, on the family frustrations unique to artists. 

Building Blocs | Who's Afraid of Isaac Asimov?

A guide to avoiding savage nerds converging upon your innocent science fiction story and ripping it to shreds. 


Raphaelle Race


The journey into writing science fiction can be perilous. No writer with a brain wants to accidentally alienate the hard-line physics nerds or quantum theory junkies who lurk in their own parallel universe in specially designated areas like insultingly stupid movie physics.

Building Blocs | Self Care

This is a Building Blocs piece on checking oneself before one wrecks oneself.

If you write from home, chances are, things get a little weird sometimes. Most of the time it’s just you, your big old brain, and a computer. There are probably half-empty cups of tea everywhere, and your version of ‘getting ready’ in the morning is simply having a shower and changing into a different pair of trackies.


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